2017-04-09 07:51 am
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Comment Page Best Option: Site Skin

This is a tutorial on how to make your Dreamwidth entries' comment pages, such as the one you are seeing right now, show up in the site skin. Whereas the display of this journal looks customized at memekink.dreamwidth.org, and on the tagging, reading, and calendar pages, the entries themselves appear as such here.

This tends to be the best option for kinkmemes, in terms of viewability and usability.

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And there you have it! All of your posts should be depicted like an entry like this post right here.

The big reason that I advise doing this (and why many well-used kinkmemes also do this) is because it's the friendliest, least customized, and easiest to read in the comments section. And kinkmemes are all about comments.
2017-04-09 06:13 pm
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JUST ADDED: [personal profile] masseffectkink [personal profile] hpkinkmeme

This list is for kinkmemes on Dreamwidth only. If one you know or maintain isn't on this list, leave a comment and it will get added with the next update (see above.)

Dead memes still count as long as they are ACTIVE. There's no saying that people don't want to see them revived. Additionally, if you feel that a kinkmeme is inactive enough to warrant removal, feel free to let me know (I only glanced around and didn't really look into each that much.)

To promote your kinkmeme: [community profile] kinkmemes [community profile] 4theloveofkink [community profile] kinkmemepromo
Other resources: [community profile] kink_finders [community profile] rounds_of_kink [community profile] femslash_kink [community profile] kink_bingo [community profile] kink_wiki

Contact the mod for other inquiries.

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